Dış Ünitesiz Portatif Klimalar -  Seyyar & Mobil Klimalar

Pano Kliması 935 Watt 3190 BTU EVO1000
Pano Kliması 1947 Watt 6650 BTU EVO2000
Sulu Serinletici [Evaporatif]
Pano Kliması 1420 Watt 4845 BTU EVO1500
END.KLİMA IP54, Kabin İçi Max.45C Ortam 55C / 2 KW
Kabin Soğutucu Klima 5750 BTU
Seyyar Sulu Tip Serinletici 2500 m3/h 280 W
7,000 BTU Otel Odası Kliması
7,500 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
8,000 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
8,500 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
8,500 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
9000 BTU Troytek
9.000 BTU A++ Troytek Dış Ünitesiz Klima (Ev/Ofis/Server/Sistem odası)
9,000 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
9200 BTU Otel Odası Inverter/Soğuk
9200 BTU Otel Odası Soğuk+Sıcak
9,500 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
10,000 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
10,000 BTU Olimpia Soğuk
10,000 BTU Elektrik Panolarına Dıştan Entegre
10,200 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
10,600 BTU Otel Odası Inverter Soğuk+Sıcak
12,000 BTU OLIMPIA OtoStart Soğuk
12,000 BTU Olimpia OtoStart-Soğuk
12.000 BTU A++ Troytek Dış Ünitesiz Klima (Ev/Ofis/Server/Sistem odası)
ZİBRO PH233 - 12,000 BTU
12000 BTU TROYTEK Soğuk Sıcak Portatif Klima BSK
12.100 BTU [Dış Üniteli Model Sadece Soğuk]]
Kabin Soğutucu Klima 12500 BTU
13,000 BTU [Hortumlu Sadece Soğuk]
14,000 BTU TROYTEK Soğuk-Sıcak
15.000 BTU A++ Troytek Dış Ünitesiz Klima (Server/Sistem odası)
Dış Ünitesiz Portatif Klima Fiyat
Portatif Klima Fiyat

Kapasite10,600 BTU Otel Odası Inverter Soğuk+Sıcak
Ses Seviyesi dB(A)34-43 dB(A)
Enerji SınıfıA Enerji Sınıfı
GazR410A / 0,54kg
Enerji TüketimiSoğutmada : 580/1000/1400 W Isıtmada : 530/840/1300 W
OzelliklerThe first and only air conditioner without outdoor unit applying DC inverter technology. Great performance. It delivers ideal warm-cool climate with AA energy efficiency level. Noiseless operation with reduced consumption. Inverter DC is suitable for cooling operation even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -10°C. Air flow and air distribution are key elements for achieving perfect comfort. Inverter generates up to a maximum of 490 m3/h of air, which is distributed efficiently throughout the room thanks also to the large-sized flap (690x60 mm). This means reduced consumption with the same cooling/heating performance. Inverter system constantly checks the rotation speed of the variable-speed compressor in order to guarantee optimal performance under any condition, which means reaching the set temperature quickly and keeping it steady. Inverter DC has been developed to ensure maximum accessibility during maintenance operations: conceived as a modular unit, all its sections are separable and easy to reach. Filter cleaning is extremely simple. To access filters, simply lift the air flap lightly. Then just pull out the double filter and it is ready to be cleaned. Unico Inverter is fitted with two types of filters: an electrostatic filter which controls and eliminates small particles and emissions such as smoke, dusk, pollen, animal hair to prevent allergic reactions, and an activated carbon filter which eliminates bad odours and inactivates any harmful gases. inverter DC has been designed and developed for low or high installation. Thanks to innovative technical features, a few minutes is all it takes to prepare the machine for either type of installation. The installation of the unit requires no outside work: this means no difficult procedures and reduced costs. The visual impact on the outside wall is minimal with only two small grilles installed (each 202 mm diameter).
Boyutlar Iç ÜniteGen:902 Yük:506 Der:229 mm
Boyutlar Dış Ünite 
Hava Debisi m3/h490/430/360 m3/h
Agirlik39 kg
Nem Alma Kapasitesi 
Oda Hacmi 
Fan Kademe Sayısı3 Kademeli Fan
Uzaktan KumandaUzaktan Kumandalı
Hortum Bilgisi 
Ürün Tanıtımı 
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